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Transforming people through loveutilizing agriculture & discipleship



Why, What & How?


We all know the need is great, but a few points to think about.


We now know the need is almost overwhelming. What to do?


By becoming a Food Security Enabler in Africa, seeking a sustainable solution for agriculture in Africa, via active involvement in projects and communities such as:

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How can you help?

Buy a bread & egg forward

Bank: Absa Bank
Cheque account: 41-0229-2680
Branch code: 632005
Payment reference: Buy forward


We love telling stories! Enjoy these stories with us.

Our People

One needs people to help other people.

Gerrit – The Dutch supporter

Gerard has been in the business of Nuts and Dried fruits since 1987. First in the business ran by his parents and since 1993 through Global Trading & Agency BV (an agency business, linking buyers and sellers through honest market advice) and Nuts2 (investing in African countries in the value chain of nuts). Next to running businesses, Gerard is a believer in bringing light into the world, and tapping into the God giving potential of the people that The Lord places on his path.

When the business makes money, the blessing is shared through donations on ‘soft projects’ in various African countries, often supporting existing operations into becoming stronger or more streamlined for the future. People are his passion and he is a proud member of the ABBA Embrace Foundation

Jon Cargill – The US supporter

Jon Cargill has served as Chief Financial Officer for US retailer Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. for the past 20 years. Along with assisting with the successful growth of that company he has worked closely with many of the ministries and charities that company supports. Jon is the son and grandson of Christian ministers and is very active in his local church as well as serving on the board on his local homeless shelter. Jon is married to Karla and has two grown children, Sarah and Ethan.

Martin – The South African supporter

Martin has been involved with the ABBA initiatives from day one. Martin enjoys business consulting, strategy & business planning, business management, creativity & innovation, assisting small & medium businesses and conceptual ideas. Coaching and assisting people to explore their purpose in life is one of his passions. As highest qualification, he holds a MCom Business Management degree and has a honorary doctors degree.

Martin is married to Heidi and has two beautiful daughters, Stephanie & Danielle. Martin is passionate about being involved in G-DS Kingdom and an artist that enjoys may forms of artwork – painting, graphical designing, steelwork, etc.

Vaughan and Roswitha – Founders and Servant Stewarts

Vaughan and Roswitha are passionate about seeing lives changed, dignity restored and seeing love in action. Vaughan having travelled over 49 countries in Africa has not only seen the hunger, poverty and need but has also seen the tremendous potential of the African continent. Together with other visionaries, they believe through using the two most precious resources of Africa, being it’s people and it’s arable land, Africa has the potential of not only becoming the bread basket to the world but seeing a lasting and sustainable change in the people and their circumstances. #LOVEINACTION