Community Service offerings

By becoming a Food Security Enabler in Africa, seeking a sustainable solution for agriculture in Africa, via active involvement in projects and communities such as:

We have established the ‘Buy A Bread Forward Campaign’ and ‘the 1,000 day campaign’. In partnership with Pride Milling we do weekly maize distributions servicing the lost and destitute in our communities

ABBA is using Honey as a means to reach forgotten villages and people in the forests of Norther Zambia to create SM&Es and spread the Gospel of Love and Hope.

  • Commercial ABBA farms in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • The ABBA model was refined on the Zambian ABBA farm over the past 10 years
  • This farm focusses on providing training, incubation, mentorship, infrastructure, market & inputs.  Initially horticulture, now focus on long term, high yielding crops – pecans & citrus 
  • The Zimbabwean farm provide agricultural training, incubation, mentorship, onsite 2-year programme.  Horticulture, tree farming, chickens & dairy.  
We support communities to locate and drill for underground water wells. We also assist in testing and grading the water to ensure the water is fit for human consumption. This also includes the irrigation systems for the community vegetable gardens.
Most of our communities do not have access or cannot afford health care. Partnering with professional health workers, ABBA supplies health care and advice to those in need.
Qalisa Africa creates a platform for existing businesses and new entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas and obtain advice, funding and support from Qalisa Africa. The focus is entrepreneurial development.
Container bakery producing between 400 and 480 breads a day of which 200 has been committed to the ‘Buy A Bread Forward Campaign’ serving on destitute households within the community, 50 breads being committed to ‘the 1,000 day campaign’ feeding 200 pregnant mothers and children daily. The remainder of the bread is sold and distributed to our loyal clientele in the community.
ABBA Urban Chicken models focusses on establishing Community chicken coops (+/- 700 chickens) and home coops (48-55 chickens) in the communities. The focus is on both broilers (meat) & layers (eggs). This initiative will also focus on creating small businesses where the eggs or the meat will be sold.
Fully established Community training garden as well as more than 2,000 home gardens.
Most of the ABBA initiatives are reliant on power. The local African power utilities cannot supply a reliable power feed given loadshedding, breakdowns, etc. Hence it has become essential to incorporate renewable energy sources such as solar into the designs.
Education of our future leaders with a solid value-based curriculum is of utmost importance. In conjunction with Lesedi primary school in Zenzele, we are focusing in making education part of the ABBA vision in communities.