Food Security Enabler

By becoming a Food Security Enabler in Africa, seeking a sustainable solution for agriculture in Africa, via active involvement in projects and communities such as:

Qalisa Africa


Qalisa Africa has Business Mentors to assist in business and entrepreneurial advice.  

  • Typically, people in townships across South Africa do not have access to resources, business advice and support in terms of entrepreneurial activity.  The net result is a very low business success rate in these communities.
  • This is where Qalisa Africa creates a platform for existing businesses and new entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas and obtain advice, funding and support from Qalisa Africa.  The communities we get involved in are known to us since we, or organisations we are aligned to, are actively supporting these communities from a food security (home gardens), relief and humanitarian point of view. 
  • The first 5 entrepreneurs on the programme (from Zenzele) have all paid back the initial loans and are all doing well.

ABBA aid

Although ABBA’s aim is to build long term sustainable solutions, there is a great need for Humanitarian aid relief. This includes food distribution, assistance in children’s educational needs, medical needs, and other needs. We often partner with Humanitarian Empowerment Fund (HEF) in food distributions and general aid relief.